ebsoft und Atos bieten mit dem ebsoft Label Print Cockpit ein auf die Chemische Industrie zugeschnittene Komplettlösung für die Etikettierung die in SAP integriert ist. Der ebsoft Layout Prozess ergänzt SAP durch den Automatischen Etikettendruck in Produktion, Labor und Transport.

ebsoft and Atos offer with the Label Print Cockpit a taylorized solution for the labelling within Chemical Industrie that work integrated in SAP. The ebsoft Layout Process complete SAP by industrial labelling for production, laboratory and transport.

Label Print Cockpit - englische Version

Atos integrates the tools of the labeling specialist ebsoft into the SAP. The result of the cooperation is a visualization of all etiquettes in the SAP runtime environment for production, warehouse, laboratory and transport.

The video "label print cockpit" show a survey of these label types. By the example of a delivering label the following steps of a process flow are demonstrated: SAP data input, label preview with controlling followed by preparation and and execute the final print-out.



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